About Us

The Farm StoreAt The Farm Store, we’re more than just an ordinary farm supply store.

“We are the Customer” – we operate our own farms, we share your concerns and we do our best to stay ahead of  issues so that we can share with you the benefit of our technical expertise and practical experience. With our advice we can recommend the best solutions minimising disease and maximising output.

We share your everyday farming frustrations and we are always trying to source better products and solutions to common problems and issues. We regularly travel abroad to search for new and better products and have enjoyed a lot of success in this regard. We have sourced superior alternative products at competitive prices as well as brand new products previously not available on the Irish market.

We’ve made it our business to be your one-stop shop for seed, feed, chemicals, plumbing, fencing general supplies and beyond.

When you rely on The Farm Store, you’re relying on a locally owned operation that has been built one customer at a time. Our business dates back more than 34 years and was founded in 1976. Initially, The Farm Store specialized in selling Fertiliser to local farmers. Under the direction of our technically trained team, the company expanded and now, The Farm Store offers a wide range of supplies to customers all over the country thanks to our online store.

While The Farm Store has grown considerably through the years, we remain committed to the same local style business philosophy that has been the foundation of our success. The Farm Store has developed an excellent team committed to running the day-to-day operations and ensuring that customers enjoy excellent customer service and fast, easy access to the products they need.

We carry only top brand products and now have many of our own label products direct from factory offering you the customer a wide range at highly competitive prices. It is our mission to ensure a great experience while shopping at The Farm Store. Whether you visit us personally or take advantage of our online store, we’re here to lend our assistance and experience to your purchases.

If you get a chance take time to visit our website where you will see a range of farm supplies that can even be ordered online with nationwide delivery.

Thank you for visiting!

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